Foody Habits…Family Traditions

This first post isn’t very crafty and has nothing to do with crochet, but I thought it would be a nice way to let you know a bit more about me and my family.

To say that we’re a busy family would be an understatement. There is always some kind of sports event (netball for Missy, football for Matey), club (Guides and Cubs) or social event (birthday parties, sleepovers) that the kids are involved in. Occasionally The Mr and I get to go out too! Week nights and weekend mornings are pretty frantic in the PatternPiper household.

Just a snippet of the kid's calendar! Can you find Wally?

Just a snippet of the kid’s calendar! Can you find Wally?

So, because of the chaos during the week we are all sticklers for our weekend routine. A routine which revolves around food, and these foody habits are gradually becoming Family Traditions!

On Saturdays, after Matey has football and Missy and I do the grocery shop, we have Bacon Rolls (except for Missy, who has Jam). Occasionally, we might treat ourselves to a sausage roll or pasty from a Bakery in town – eaten out of the paper bag as we stroll the High Street! Sometimes we might go to a coffee shop and have tea and cake, but 90% of the time it’s Bacon Rolls!

Saturday night is pizza night, and the only night of the week that we sit on the sofa to eat our dinner. We usually watch some naff telly too – Come Dine With Me, Britain’s Got Talent, The X Factor – something we can all veg out in front of. We also share two massive bars of chocolate between the four of us and me and The Mr will treat ourselves to a couple of glasses of wine – we’re ever so virtuous and try not to drink in the week, doesn’t always work!

On Sunday mornings The Mr makes pancakes…and I have a lie in! The Mr makes the best pancakes – the kids say mine are just as good, but I know they’re just being kind. The Mr’s are the best because he puts twice as much syrup on them as I do.

And then…we always have a Sunday Roast – the best meal of the week apparently. We don’t vary it much – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, red cabbage, lots of carrots and parsnips, stuffing, gravy and obviously Yorkshire Puddings. Must confess the Yorkshire puds are from the freezer as I’m worried about being a failure in the Yorkshire Pud department!

A few hours later, after we’ve walked the dog and worked off our massive lunch, and after we’ve had our Sunday evening showers, we all settle down with Apple Pie and Custard to watch a film or some more naff TV before bed!


It may sound a bit routine, but these foody habits MAKE our weekends – they are becoming a Family Tradition! The kids LOVE Pizza Night and Sunday Morning Pancakes and we all know that the pressure is off until Monday, when the busy timetable of our lives starts over.

Me and The Mr get great pleasure knowing how much Missy and Matey look forward to the weekend because of these foody habits. We know that in a few years time, when they’re at college and university or wherever they are, they’ll still be coming home for Pizza Night, Sunday Morning Pancakes and Roast Dinner & Apple Pie.

I’d love to hear if you have any food related family traditions….or recommendations for the Perfect Yorkshire Pud!


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