Behind The Name

Why PatternPiper?

I’ll explain it in two steps. Step 2 first – just because that’s the easy bit – my surname is Piper – a little obvious really – I bet you already guessed!

So, Step 1 – why “Pattern”?
When you think of crochet what is the first thing you think of? For me it’s brightly coloured Granny Square blankets, the type you see across the back of sofas in TV shows.

Granny Blanket


But Crochet isn’t just about Granny Squares (although they are probably my most favourite thing to stitch), in my mind it is all about pattern.


Whether you are following a pattern or working freeform the end result is a gorgeous PATTERN, either bright and bold or simple and understated.


So, there you have it, the reasoning behind the name – simple!


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