A weekend away….well, 36 hours!

Last weekend we visited my sister and her husband in Middlesbrough. We drove…it took forever! Well, 8 and a half hours actually but it seemed like forever…plenty of time to work on cushion orders from my Facebook page…yay!

On the Saturday we spent the day at Lightwater Valley which was a great day out. Everyone found it very amusing that I screamed (a lot) on the rides that we went on, even though they weren’t remotely scary!

In the evening, keeping with PatternPiper family tradition, the kids (and that includes my sister and her husband) made pizzas…they were delicious.

Matey's Pizza

Matey’s Pizza

Missy's Pizza

Missy’s Pizza

And then, very early on Sunday morning we drove home. The drive home only took 5 and a half hours so we were home in time for a late lunch, a lazy afternoon and of course apple pie and custard!


We had a fantastic time at my sister’s. It was our first visit, even though they’ve lived in Middlesbrough for 10 years or so – the thought of the road trip putting us off until now – and it was lovely to see where they live. The husband has an artistic streak and I was very pleased to spot this beast of a granny square blanket that my sister made – you couldn’t miss it, it’s mahooosive!


I came home from Middlesbrough with some goodies too! A knitmattic knitting machine that my sister found in the attic of her house (this will feature in another post once I know how to use it!) and a big bag of lovely yarn, which included this gorgeous stash.


I’ve been searching my bundle of crochet magazines and Ravelry for ideas on what to make with it…it’s 4ply and so gorgeous that it has to be something special..so I’ve chosen this motif from Amanda Perkins of the Natural Dye Studio. The pattern was featured in Issue Two of Simply Crochet Magazine and you can see more of Amanda’s patterns here on Ravelry.

Millicent Motif

I’m going to make a throw and hopefully some cushions.

The colour doesn’t match anything else in the house so it looks like some redecoration will be happening too!


4 thoughts on “A weekend away….well, 36 hours!

  1. Teresa Marron says:

    Love it. Redecorate the house to match some wool in your stash! That’s my kind of thinking. đŸ™‚

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