There has to be a reason!

Should a hobby have a purpose? Probably not, but i am just one of those people who needs to be doing something for a reason.


Dinky Little Purse

I really enjoy crochet – really enjoy it! And I know that if you enjoy a hobby there doesn’t necessarily have to be a reason for doing it – other than because you enjoy it, BUT like I said, I am just one of those people! I can’t just make something because it’s nice to make something. I have to make something to give or because someone might need it…a blanket for a baby, a mug cosy for a teacher’s gift, coasters or a dinky little purse for a friend’s birthday, a beardy hat for my Mum’s husband because she used the shortest setting on the hair clippers and I thought that his head would get cold…there has to be a reason!

Which is why it’s great that I’ve now found a reason to crochet – Crochet Cushiony Loveliness.

Since launching this blog and my Facebook page I’ve had 6 cushion orders, a bag order and several enquiries.

I’ve also signed up for a table at a local Christmas Craft Fair and am working on items to photograph for my Etsy shop.

I’m not exactly taking over the world with my little crochet enterprise, but PatternPiper Crochet is definitely going to be keeping me busy – just how I like to be!


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