Dinky Little Crochet Bag

A few weeks ago I was asked through my Facebook page if I could make a Crochet Bag for a little girl for her birthday.

I was given complete freedom in terms of pattern, size, colour. The one specification was that her name should feature on the bag.

I’ve made crocheted bags before following patterns but am keen to develop my own….hmmmm, for want of a better word I’ll say…”brand” of crochet items. I seem to be drawn to clean white backgrounds with contrasting cross stitch texts, so I wanted to incorporate this into this project too.

My starting point was working out cross stitch text small enough to fit on a Dinky Little Bag. The text used for my cushions is quite big and typically, this first little bag was for a child with 8 letters in her name. My friend did say I could use a shortened version of her name but I wanted to accommodate her whole name if possible.

Once I had the text figured out I was able to work out the general size of the bag. I knew I didn’t want it to be plain but it had to be simple. I wanted to incorporate a little granny square detail in it too. Oh, and it had to have a handle! This is how it all came together…




Add a little pink gingham lining and here’s Victoria’s Dinky Little Bag


So pleased with the finished item, and so was my customer…hopefully Victoria will be too!


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