Crochet Cushiony Manliness???

Still on the subject of end of term teacher’s gifts here.

The last day of term was also the last day at school for a special teacher at Missy and Matey’s school – Mr T! He has been the only male teacher at the school for 5 years and both Missy and Matey were taught by him. They really liked Mr T and so did The Mr and I, so we wanted to give him a special gift.

Now, crochet is my thing but what do you crochet for a male teacher?

Somehow, a pretty crochet notebook….

Crochet edged notebook

Crochet edged notebooks for Missy’s Teacher

and pretty crochet coasters didn’t seem appropriate!

Crochet coasters

Crochet coasters

(I made the flower coasters from this tutorial on the Yvestown Blog and the square coasters were from a pattern in issue three of Simply Crochet)

Not nearly manly enough! So, I thought I’d stick with what I know but with a little adaptation.

Here’s what I made

Mr T Crochet Cushion

A crochet cushion for Mr T

But instead of a crochet backing I tried out a fabric back to the cushion. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while in terms of efficiency and pricing of the cushions that I make to sell….but that’s a whole other blog post.

Fabric backed cushion

Fabric backed cushion

So, a manly crocheted gift? Hmmm, not sure I achieved that objective really, but I think Mr T liked it.
What do you think? I’m off to search for Manly Crochet on Pinterest


2 thoughts on “Crochet Cushiony Manliness???

  1. Shelly Pearman says:

    I really like the fabric backed cushion, and the Text you’ve done the Mr T in. The fabric back is also good for making the back just as interesting as the front because you could have lots of different patterns and colours to go with the text on the front. :o) Cushions for kids could have fun pictures on them, say if someone liked rainbows or Dragons…ok, maybe i’m thinking of myself and not kids with those two!

  2. PatternPiper says:

    Thanks for your feedback Shelly, I’ve seen lots of lovely fabric colours and patterns that I’d like to use for cushion backs…watch this space (will keep my eye out for dragons and rainbows) xxx

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