Crochet ‘Nanny’ Square Blankets

Last weekend we celebrated my Nanny’s 80th birthday. I wanted to make her something special for her birthday and as she is the reason I crochet, it had to be one of my crochet cushions. This one is extra special because it’s the first time I’ve used The Popcorn Flower motif, a stitch Nanny didn’t know, so hopefully one day I’ll be able to teach it to her.

Crochet Nanny Popcorn Flower Cushion

I come from a large Irish family and we love a good party! I have lots of aunties and uncles – mum is one of seven – and lots of cousins – I am the eldest of Nanny’s 20 grandchildren (I’m 34, the youngest is 8 months), and then there are 4 great grandchildren too.

The bulk of our family live in Hertfordshire and then me, my brother and my sister are spread out across the UK in Devon, Bristol and Middlesbrough respectively, with mum living in France. So Nanny’s birthday party was extra special as it was a rare opportunity for us all to be in one place at the same time. The last time was last August when my mum and sister had a double wedding…that was a great party!

The party was awesome, a real family effort with everyone helping to set up and decorate the hall before the party and then clear and tidy up after. One Aunt made the table decorations and the bunting, others organised the hall, the DJ and the catering. My cousin’s band played, there was a fantastic slideshow with pictures of Nanny over the years, some of the cousins ran a sweet stall for the kids, others organised a chocolate fountain and there was lots and lots of dancing!

Nanny always gets up to dance at parties. One of my favourite memories of Nanny is her dancing to Kings of Leon Your Sex is on Fire at my Aunt’s wedding a few years ago. At this party it was Get Lucky by Daft Punk!

The official party ended before midnight but continued at Nanny’s house til about 2 a.m. – I was far too tired by then though.

I love visiting Nanny’s house…it is always very busy…there is always a lot of food…lots and lots of tea..lots of photos…and lots of talking…it’s just lovely! There are lots of happy memories. Nanny has these fantastic collages made up from photos of us all (her kids, her kid’s kid’s and their kids too) growing up and these invoke great reminiscent conversations about how much so & so looks like so & so, “what on earth was she wearing?” and why perms were ever fashionable.

I can’t really remember but I’m 90% certain I learnt to crochet at Nanny’s house. I have fond memories of crocheting granny square blankets when we used to stay with Nanny in the school holidays and watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Grease on video over and over again.

Nanny is more of a knitter (as you can tell from her birthday cake) but for as long as I can remember there has always been a crochet blanket somewhere in the house. So this weekend, I slipped away from the hustle and bustle of the kitchen – no one uses the lounge, we all squeeze into the kitchen – to photograph a few of the newest “Nanny” Square blankets I found on this visit.

Grey Border Granny Square Blanket

This blanket covers a double bed. I love the way Nanny has used grey to link these squares.

White Border Granny Square Blanket

And white to link these squares. I don’t think there are two squares the same in these blankets.

Giant Crochet Granny Square

And you can’t beat a GIANT granny square!

I definitely think my crochet obsession stems from Nanny, so to me a Granny Square will always be a ‘Nanny’ Square.


3 thoughts on “Crochet ‘Nanny’ Square Blankets

  1. Teresa says:

    Lovely memories made last weekend. Also thank you for the fantastic Mr and Mrs cushions you made us for our silver wedding. They now reside on our bed.

    • PatternPiper says:

      Always lovely memories. A weekend of mixed emotions but lovely we were all there together. Glad you like you’re cushions, the backing was a bit experimental but they turned out well…they may feature on here soon x

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