Landkey Village Festival

Saturday 14th September was the first Landkey Village Festival. Landkey is a village just outside of Barnstaple in North Devon…the village that I have lived in for 12 years.

The main aim of the festival was to raise money for the North Devon Chemotherapy Unit Appeal and Landkey Village facilities.

The day before the festival it rained and rained, and then it rained some more…it was pretty rotten but the morning of the festival showed promise and it turned into a glorious, sunny day.

The festival was great. There was the compulsory beer, cider and cream teas tent and I shared a tent with my friend Jude who made the most delicious cupcakes. There was a mammoth raffle with fantastic prizes. The Underground, an awesome band from the local secondary school and Tarka Radio from North Devon District Hospital provided the musical entertainment for the day. The North Devon Road Runners organised the first Codden Challenge – a 10K run involving a double ascent up a very, very, very steep hill close to the village. 64 people took part in the race and there were lots of people there to cheer them on.

The day raised £1900 for the Chemotherapy Unit Appeal and £600 for the village, so a very successful event for two worthy causes. There are already plans for a bigger, better event next year.

I stepped even further out of the crochet closet with a small crochet cushiony display and made some bunting for the refreshments tent.


I made the bunting from simple Granny Triangles. I didn’t follow a pattern, but there are lots on the Internet – here’s a Pinterest Crochet Triangles board full of examples. I used single colours for each triangle and blocked them so that they were 20cm on each side. On the day Missy and her friends threaded the triangles onto some string for me and we hung them in the refreshments tent. It looked effective on the day and I was pleased with the end result.


Lots of people looked at my display, asked lots of questions and took my card and I’ve been offered a table at the Christmas Craft Fair in the neighbouring village. A great day for networking…and you never know, next time someone from the village sees me walking Milo they might stop and say “Oh, you’re the lady that makes crochet cushions, I’d like to order one please.”….It could happen right?


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