Etsy Ambassador Programme

I have been featured in this post by Claireabellemakes, a new Etsy Ambassador, who has been giving me advice on setting up my Etsy Shop. She’s pretty awesome!

I am super proud to share with you all that I recently became an Etsy Ambassador!


This means that Etsy supports me in helping fellow creatives start their own Etsy stores. Now I know I’m no expert as Claireabellemakes has only been open for 18 months, but I have learnt heaps and I really want to share my knowledge and give tips for things I wish I had known in the early days.

My experience selling on Etsy has been nothing but positive. The resources available are endless and the staff are all so helpful and inspiring. The international reach means the potential is huge.


Etsy store: Diana Parkhouse

So today I want to share with you the Etsy stores of my fellow creatives who have taken the plunge and started to sell!

My gorgeous online blogging buddy Rhia has also opened an Etsy store named Handicrafts of Nnon selling…

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