#ShareAdvent Roundup

As suspected I wasn’t able to contribute to #ShareAdvent everyday but here’s what I did manage:

Day 01 – Joy to the World
A little giveaway on my Facebook page to bring a little joy to someone’s world.


Day 02 – Write and send a letter
Well, I didn’t manage to write a proper letter but I did pop a Thank you note in with this cushion which I posted to an Etsy customer in America!

<a Nonna

Day 03 – Dance like there’s nobody watching
Love this picture of my Mum and my sister dancing to PINK at their double wedding last year!


Day 04 – Wreath Wednesday
Now, I missed this one because The Mr was away and the fabulous wreath that Missy and I made last year was in the loft and I couldn’t get to it, even with the step ladder, because I’m quite short! Here’s a DIY post by another Samantha Schoefield on how to make a lovely festive wreath.

Day 05 – I’ve been putting this off
I couldn’t actually do this until day 07, but the thing I’d been putting off was getting my hair chopped. I’m terrible at getting my haircut. I just don’t like going to the hairdressers, so it had probably been a good year since I last went. Anyway, 8 inches off – won’t need to go back for another year! (Actually, I really like this shorter style so may try to go to the hairdressers more often)


Day 07 – organise your photos from the year
Rather than photos from the year, Missy and I sorted photos from forever and made a collage from photos of our family’s life so far.


Day 08 – Spruce
This is my thing! “Sprucing up” white crochet panels with cross-stitch and turning them in to crochet cushiony lovlieness.

Day 10 – Childhood Memories
From my blogpost back in October.

Early Memories

Day 12 – “Maybe Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store”
I feel very lucky that some lovely people chose to order handmade Christmas gifts from me this year rather than buying from a store…15 cushions, a bag and crochet garlands have kept me very, very busy!


Day 15 & Day 18 – Remembrance & Random Act of Kindness
The Mr’s grandad passed away this month so these #ShareAdvent prompts were quite timely. Missy and I volunteered with her Guide pack as bag packers at our local M&S to raise money for North Devon Hospice, who cared for The Mr’s grandad in his last days. The Guides raised £360.

Day 17 – Feed the Birds
I love my new job as a Teaching Assistant. Today at school we made pine cone bird feeders! Here’s a tutorial from Gardener’s World.

Day 20 – “Of Star of wonder, star of night”
If you look closely you can just make out the first star of the night over our village!


Day 24 – Our Family Tradition

Panto! That’s our family tradition at Christmas….oh no it’s not! Oh yes it is! (Sorry, that was terrible, but had to be done!) Every year, since Matey was 2, my sister gets us tickets for the Panto at our local theatre. We love it and hope that this tradition will continue for many years to come.

Day 25 – Christmas Breakfast
Well, even though it’s not Sunday, in our house Christmas Day wouldn’t be right without pancakes for breakfast!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! See you in the New Year x


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