Half Term Baking – Banana Cupcakes

Today is the first day of half term.

One of the first school holidays that I’ve had with the kids where I haven’t felt torn between them and the day job.

I’m fortunate enough now to be working in a school, meaning that I have the same time off as my children. I no longer have to worry about how on earth we are going to cover the school holidays throughout the year, as we don’t have enough annual leave between us to cover the days that they are not at school – and heaven forbid they have a sick day! I no longer need to think about how I’m going to make up the extra hours I need to take off to look after the kids and when we are ever going to manage to take time off together to do things as a family.

I have to say that none of my previous employers made me feel this way through their words or actions. For me it was a feeling that evolved from wanting to be a good parent AND a good employee.

Anyway, fully embracing this new-found holiday happiness we’ve started half term with some baking.

I am not a great baker, and haven’t baked a cake for a couple of years now AND I have a new oven, so really these cupcakes didn’t stand a chance – but they turned out ok!

This is a super easy recipe for banana cupcakes. I don’t know where it came from as it is handwritten by Missy’s seven year old hand in my recipe book.


We had to make some amendments – we used Self Raising Flour as my baking powder was seriously out of date, and we didn’t have any chocolate chips, much to the kid’s disappointment.

We used a muffin tin and muffin cases and made 12 cakes.


They didn’t turn out too badly – a lovely golden colour and nice and moist in the middle – Delicious.


Is anyone else baking this half term? What are you making?
Do let me know if you try this recipe. I’d love to know how it turns out.


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