Granny Square Cushion

Despite the many colours of my Crochet Mood Blanket and the brightness of my other recent crochet projects…..


….I actually prefer to crochet in one colour or maybe two shades of a single colour.

Sue’s lovely post over at SweetPea Family reminded me of this. I just love the subtly of the varying shades of grey that she has used to create such a cosy feel to a room.

So, motivated by Sue and her gorgeous grey granny square cushion, I dug out the teal yarn that my sister gave me on our visit last year and started on my own.

I went for a granny square with a circle in the centre and made 16 for one side, joining them as I went and adding a border.


On the other side I made 4 larger, circular centred squares with a matching border.

Granny Square Cushion Back

I joined the two sides with a double crochet stitch, leaving an opening for a cushion pad and then adding some dinky little buttons and loops to close the gap….I didn’t intend for the buttons to be odd but I just didn’t have any matching in my stash. I quite like that they don’t match.

Granny Square Cushion buttons

Working with this yarn again has reminded me how lovely it is and has spurred me on with my living room makeover. I’m working on a design now for a small matching throw for the armchair with the few balls of yarn that I have left. I’m working on my own design rather than using the one I’d originally picked as I want to design something myself….more on that another time!

I’m pinning lots of ideas on my Teal board on Pinterest! Pop over and have a look.

Granny Square Cushion


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