Vintage Sunburst Motif

You might recall that right near the end of my Granny Square Cushion post a few weeks ago I mentioned working on a design for a throw I was making to match the cushion.


I’ve been sharing glimpses of the throw on Twitter and Instagram and I’ve been really pleased with how it’s turning out. Progress is a bit slow, but that’s because I’ve been working on lots of other lovely things…including writing the pattern up and entering it into a pattern writing competition run by Emma at Lemonade Yarns.


And guess what? I only went and won it! Well, jointly with another lovely lady.


I’ve called the pattern the Vintage Sunburst Motif…because that’s what I had in my head when I was creating it and it pretty much turned out how I pictured it….and it’s available to download for free from the pattern section of Lemonade Yarns.


I’ve been using a variety of yarns to make these motifs, which can be used to make garlands and coasters or joined together to make throws, table runners and doilies.


The other winning entry was a Wave Pattern Beanie by Marta Mitchell who blogs as mrsdaftspaniel. I’m definitely going to be downloading this pattern too.

Do let me know if you download and try my pattern. I’d really like to know what you think. And pictures are always lovely too!


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