A year of cushions!

I suddenly realised this week that it is one year since I made my first crochet cushion.

If you were to ask my mum what she would like for her birthday or Mother’s Day she always says the same thing…”Oh, don’t bother with gifts, just a homemade card would be lovely”. Not wanting to give just a card for these special occasions, I remember searching blogs last year for ideas of something I could make mum for Mother’s Day.

I came across this tutorial on the Purl Bee and felt completely inspired to make mum a crochet and cross stitch cushion – with a very personal message.


“How rude!” You might think. But don’t worry. It’s a term used with affection. The name that The Mr and the kids call my mum – a family joke that she wholeheartedly plays along with – she knows we love her really!

That first cushion wasn’t great in terms of stitch quality, yarn quality….er, quality! But it was made and received with love. And it was the start of a whole new adventure for me.

Since that first cushion I’ve experimented with different yarns and techniques to develop a product that I’m pretty chuffed with. I’ve made quite a few over the last year and hope to make many more.

So…a year of cushions!

And that’s not all of them! If you’d like a cushion pop over to my Etsy shop and just let me know x


6 thoughts on “A year of cushions!

    • PatternPiper says:

      Thanks lovely! I had a great Mother’s Day. Missy had netball in the morning and hen we had a nice relaxed afternoon and went to Pizza Express for dinner – perfect!

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