Crochet Granny Square Workshop

I held my first crochet workshop on Saturday. It was fab!

Sam at Furniture Magpie in Barnstaple hosts all sorts of great workshops from sewing to furniture painting to photography and she’d suggested a while ago that I do a crochet workshop. The idea petrified me and excited me in equal measure and Sam has been very patient with me whilst I get my act together and decided to just get on with it!


I decided that I’d go for a Crochet Granny Square Workshop for this first one. I learnt to crochet by making lots and lots of granny squares and I think the repetition of the pattern – making groups of treble crochet with chains inbetween – is a great way to become comfortable with the hook and the yarn. And it doesn’t matter too much if your chains aren’t that pretty as you will be working over them anyway.

I knew I’d be comfortable and confident teaching granny squares and at the end of the workshop those attending would have something to take home with them.

This was my little corner of Furniture Magpie for the morning.


This is Gordon – he’s the Assistant Manager and supervised proceedings!


I took along some of my finished projects, like my granny square cushion and my crochet bunting, as well as some work in progress projects (of which I far too many!) to show the two ladies that joined me the sorts of things you can make once you know how to make a granny square.


I prepared a granny square guide and also gave each lady a copy of the crochet basics information that is printed in the back of each edition of a Simply Crochet Magazine – a very helpful reference guide!

And I took lots of lovely yarn. Each lady got to take a little stash home with them, along with a hook and a needle for weaving in the ends.


And here are the squares that they made – not bad at all for first attempts.


I was really pleased with how the workshop went and the ladies enjoyed it too. I will definitely be holding more workshops! If you’re local and would like to attend one just let me know x


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