Guest Post at LaLau Land – Finger Crochet

A dinky little post today to tell you about a Finger Crochet tutorial that I’ve put together for Laura on the LaLau Land Blog.

Laura is one of my Twitter and Creative Unites friends and she has been hosting guest bloggers this month to celebrate her birthday. I was very honoured to be invited to take part.

She asked for a tutorial and I thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to share Finger Crochet with you.

I’ve used finger crochet to make this lovely cowl for my sister’s birthday – which is today! I hope she receives her post before she reads this!


Pop over to the tutorial here and as always, do let me know if you make something lovely from it.

Ta muchly x


10 thoughts on “Guest Post at LaLau Land – Finger Crochet

    • PatternPiper says:

      Thank you for sharing Natasja. I never would have thought about Finger Crochet if that door handle hadn’t have broken, so in a way I’m glad it did break. I wasn’t saying that at the time though when my husband refused to break down the door because he didn’t think it was an emergency :0) x

  1. teabeaknits says:

    There have been times (not many granted) when I have been apart from crochet hook or knitting needle and that is not a comfortable state for a yarnhead! Thanks to this blog I need never worry again 😉

  2. Posy says:

    My grandma taught me hot to finger crochet when I was 3 or 4 years old but only the chain. I love this! I’m going to try this today and teach my 11 year old how to do this. She already love finger knitting. Thank you for sharing.

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