Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you’ll have probably noticed me posting with the hashtag #creativesunitenonuniformday almost everyday since the beginning of May. And you maybe wondering what on earth I’m rabbiting on about. You might already know. You might even be taking part.

Creatives Unite is a group of crafty people who ‘get together’ on Twitter every Thursday evening between 8 & 10pm to share what we are working on, share tips and encouragement and to generally have a good old natter. Search us out with the hashtag – #creativesunite or visit Miss Beatrix for more information.

During one of our natters a couple of weeks ago we got onto the subject of style and the general consensus was that each of us thought we were stuck in a bit of a rut. Miss Beatrix can explain much better than I can so why not pop over to her post about Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day.

So, for the month of May we’ve taken up the challenge to just put a bit more thought into what we are wearing rather than just putting on the same old stuff. It doesn’t have to be a big change. It can be just adding a brooch to an outfit or a scarf or some nail varnish. I’m taking the opportunity to put my crochet skills to use and make something other than cushions and garlands.

This is what I’ve been up to so far in the name of Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day.

Top row: Pictures 1 & 2 – I’ve made a crochet collar using Emma Escott’s (of Lululoves fame) pattern from a back issue of Simply Crochet Magazine. It was really quick and simple to make and looks cute.

Middle Row: Picture 1 – I added one of my crochet heart brooches to my outfit. You can find a tutorial for the hearts here. Picture 2 – I’m also making myself a crochet top. There will be a post about this shortly. Picture 3 – I have lots of scarfs (scarves?) that I don’t wear because I can never tie them properly and they always end up falling off or looking scruffy, so I stitched the ends together and cut off the tassels to make them into infinity scarfs!

Bottom Row: Picture 1 – one of my DIY infinity scarfs. Looks great and no dangly ends. Picture 2 – I’ve worn a couple of dresses….and a skirt even! This is a big deal! Picture 3 – I’m a black trousers kinda gal but I’ve gone for something a little more colourful and got myself a pair of teal coloured trousers. The Mr hates them – but he doesn’t have to wear them does he!

I’ve also been pinning ideas on my own and the group Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day boards on Pinterest. There are some great tutorials on there that I’d love to try.

So, is anyone else taking part? Or do you fancy taking part? Just use #creativesunitenonuniformday to join in.



3 thoughts on “Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day

    • PatternPiper says:

      Go for it! I love to wear a scarf but can never get them to look right and am forever dipping the ends in my food or cuppa. I just stitched the ends together and then used pinking shears to cut the tassels off.

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