Ginkgo Crochet Top

As part of the Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day challenge that I’ve been taking part in I made myself a top. The first item of clothing I’ve made and not felt embarrassed to wear and say “I made that!”. I did make a dress once at school – it wasn’t very good. Maybe that’s why I got a D in GCSE Design and Technology!

Ginkgo Crochet Top

The pattern was so easy to follow and worked up super quickly. I realised quite soon into the first part that I was probably making it too big. But I was in the zone then and didn’t really want to start over. Also, I wanted to follow the pattern exactly this first time because I knew if I started to adjust it I’d probably mess up the neck shaping.

Ginkgo Crochet Top 02

I obviously like this colour – matches my bedding perfectly!

I used Patons 100% Cotton 4ply in Raffia with a 2.5mm hook for the crochet. I picked up some pretty fabric for the bottom part of the top from a shop in town for £6 per metre and used about half of it. So, the top probably cost about £6 to make – bargain!

Anglais Fabric

I didn’t worry about pattern matching the fabric on the front and back of the top. And rather than using zig zag stitch to prevent fraying of the raw edges I used pinking shears. Far too impatient for faffing about with that!

Ginkgo Crochet Top 03

As expected the top was a little big but actually looked pretty good on – especially teamed with a black cardi.

Ginkgo Crochet Top 04

Just a teeny bit pleased with this make! So it won’t be the last. I think I’d like to make a whole crochet top using the same pattern. I’m definitely more comfortable with crochet than a sewing machine.

You can find the pattern for the top here on the Genuine Mudpie Blog. Take a look around while you’re there. I’ve spotted some other projects I’d like to try.

This make also ties in nicely with Not So Granny’s #makeitwearit post the other day – although I need to make much more effort with my photographs!

Anyone out there ever made any crochet clothing? What did you make?


8 thoughts on “Ginkgo Crochet Top

    • PatternPiper says:

      Thanks for the great pattern Trish. It was so simple to follow but very effective. I loved making this top and hope to make more of your projects in the future.

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