Crochet LOVE Cushion

Still working on that star tutorial…I will get there. I’m fairly happy with the pattern – just not HAPPY happy with it.

Anyway, in the meantime I get to share this with you as the wedding that it was made for happened this weekend.

Love Cushion 01

I was so excited when I was asked if I could make this cushion. I was also apprehensive as I’d not made anything like it before so was stepping out of my comfort zone a little.

The image was taken from the happy couple’s wedding stationery and I found some fabulous cotton that can be used in an inkjet printer – ingenious! You’ve probably seen it before but I never had.

Love Cushion 02

This was the second attempt. The first one I used a different way to join the crochet to the fabric and if I’m honest that method was better but I mucked up the crochet and it turned out a bit wonky.

For this second cushion I made a crochet frame for the fabric and stitched it on top. If I could do it again I’d have stuck with my original method however, that’s the thing with craft and new products – there’s always a bit of trial and error and sometimes you just have to go with it otherwise you’d never produce anything.

Love Cushion 03

The customer and the newlyweds were happy with their cushion so that’s made me happy. They also had a Mr & Mrs cushion too.

Love and Mr & Mrs Crochet Cushions

Have you ever stepped out of your crochet comfort zone? How did it turn out?


3 thoughts on “Crochet LOVE Cushion

  1. sue says:

    Love your cushion which would be very much out of my comfort zone, I have been trying to master the harlequin design that Jules from Little Woolie has designed but I can’t seem to get it right x

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