Something different – bunting and a quilt! Part two

Whilst the bunting preparation was underway, each member of staff was given a square of plain fabric to personalise for the school’s retiring administrator and then I stitched them all together to make a small quilt. It was going to be a wall hanging and then a table runner but with 30 personalised squares it ended up being too big (too big to get a decent picture – Yes, that is Missy holding it over the banister in the last photo in an attempt to get a full length shot!) so I’m calling it a quilt!

I loved working on this project and finding out the stories behind each person’s square.

This was my square. I love this quote! I think it sums up working in a school perfectly! And patience is definitely a quality that our Administrator has in abundance.


Again, because it was my first time making such a thing and time was tight I didn’t want to overstretch myself but over complicating the process.


I stitched together rows of 3 squares, separated with a little Laura Ashley fabric (a curtain). I alternated the squares and patterned fabric in each row because I knew I’d never be able to get the joins to line up, so why give myself that problem in the first place!


Once I’d created the rows, I joined them together, stitching them directly onto the batting material at the same time. So I only quilted along the horizontal joins of the quilt.


And then, because I didn’t have the time to get the bias binding wrong, I simply sewed a backing panel on (the lining from the Laura Ashley curtain!), right sides together, leaving an opening for turning and then stitched the opening shut.


Now, it’s by no means anywhere near perfect (just look at the tension and puckering on those squares) and it’s not at all square, but I think it turned out pretty awesome for a first attempt and most importantly the intended recipient loved it!


What do you think?


7 thoughts on “Something different – bunting and a quilt! Part two

  1. Clare says:

    I think it looks fantastic Sam. So much work goes in to things like this, a real keepsake. I bet she loved it. What a shame she is retiring, such a wonderful person, an asset to the school. Now for your next patchwork project/labour of love?

    • PatternPiper says:

      Thanks Clare! She did like it, yes – phew! The place won’t be the same without her. Hopefully I’ll take a bit more time with my next patchwork project and be able to make a proper patchwork quilt x

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