Crochet Trimmed Orders of Service

Here’s another little project from the same wedding that I made the Crochet Flowers for – Crochet Trimmed Orders of Service.

The bride asked if I might be able to do this after I gave her a crochet trimmed birthday card back in February.

“No problem. How many Orders of Service will there be?” I said
“100” she said. Not too many then!

Once I’d figured out the length of trim needed for each piece of card and then worked out a pattern, it wasn’t actually as daunting a task as it first seemed. I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to use the method I used for the notebook edging that I did last summer, so we decided that I’d stitch the trims onto the card instead.

They turned out alright don’t you think?


The Order of Service covers before the crochet trims were added


2 of the 100 trims


A big pile of crochet trims!


The prepared cards ready for the trims to be added


The reverse side of the covers


With trims!


The final covers all done!


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