The Hunter V-stitch Rainbow Blanket

This has been one of my favourite makes recently. I started it ages ago, back in the summer.


It’s inspired by two things. The first, my sister who was pregnant at the time. She loves rainbows and bright colours and because she was expecting I wanted to make her a rainbow blanket. The second, the masses of beautiful v-stitch crochet makes filling my Instagram feed at the time. This blanket gave me the perfect reason to jump on the V-stitch bandwagon.


I really liked the look of this blanket by Angie of Le monde de Sucrette. If you are looking for colourful crochet inspiration this is the blog to visit! And, very helpfully, she has included a little sketch chart at the bottom of the post (you’ll need to convert to UK terms if that’s what you’re used to).

This blanket was a real stash buster for me. I wasn’t surprised to find 2 shades of each rainbow colour – red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and bluuuuuuuuueeee – in my yarn stash, so drew up a plan in my head of how the blanket would look.


For each colour strip I used alternating rows of a dark and light shade of the colour, with a white row between each coloured row.

When I got to the blue, the blanket wasn’t big enough. Mainly because I made it too wide to start off with, so I decided I’d make the blue strip the centre of the blanket and then mirror the rainbow back to red. Does that make sense? I hope so. I then finished the blanket with a border made from two rounds of double crochet in another shade of blue that I had in my stash.


It’s definitely not baby blanket sized, in fact it’s just slightly smaller than double bed size. I really, really enjoyed making this blanket. I loved the bright, cheery colours and snuggling under it as it got bigger and bigger while I made it.


I didn’t really want to hand it over if I’m honest, but I know it’s going to be loved even more in its new home – by this little guy….


I’ve called the blanket the Hunter V-stitch Rainbow Blanket because that’s my nephew’s name and the blanket was always going to be named after him.

BUT I’m thinking that Hunter is a strong, grrr sounding name and that this blanket doesn’t really reflect that. So, I’ve got another plan in mind for a Hunter Blanket. I’ve even sketched it out – I just have to get round to making it now.



3 thoughts on “The Hunter V-stitch Rainbow Blanket

  1. Sue Rawlinson says:

    Your blanket is beautiful – I saw a picture of it on Instagram when you had just started and it inspired me to make a blanket – I now have a lovely rainbow V stitch blanket to snuggle under, mine is more like a single bed size. Can’t wait to see your new one xxx

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