Home Sweet Home Bunting Cushion

I’ve just realised I haven’t shown you this make from a couple of months ago. A request from my sister as a house warming gift to her buddy.

The telephone conversation went a little something like this….

“Can you make a cushion for Laura’s new house?”

“Sure, what do you want on it?”

“I don’t mind what you do.”

“Really? No ideas?”

“Nope, Do whatever you like.”


“Yep, it’s up to you.”

“Ok, I’ll have a think.”

“Great, I’ll leave it with you. Just make sure it has bunting and says Home Sweet Home on it. And purple would be good!”

” Alrighty then!”

So here’s how I made the Home Sweet Home Bunting Cushion…

I stitched the letters from Home Sweet Home onto some teeny tiny purple triangles and made some teeny tiny bunting with them.


I then stitched these, along the top edge only, onto a white crocheted square, big enough to cover an 18″ cushion pad. And then stitched a lilac crocheted chain across the top of the triangles to complete the bunting.

Finally, I added an envelope back to the cushion front and finished with a crocheted border around the edge.


(ooops! Ignore the slippers)

All very ad hoc and make it up as you go – as is my usual style – and it definitely has a homemade look to it thanks to my not so great embroidered letters and poor stitching of the bunting chain.


And here it is in it’s new home sweet home.
What do you think?



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