Adventures and Tea Parties Blog Gem Interview

So, I mentioned right at the bottom of my last post that I had something exciting happening this week. I hope you find it exciting, I find it very exciting, you might not though. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting if not exciting. We will just have to get on with it and see.

I’ve been interviewed by Joanna of Adventures and Tea Parties as part of her Blog Gem series!!!

Adventures and Tea parties

I love Joanna’s Blog Gem interviews. Many of my favourite bloggers have been featured and I have discovered lots of lovely, inspirational bloggers thanks to these interviews. They are great way to find out a little more about the person behind the blog and what makes their crafty, bloggy mind tick. I was stunned when Joanna asked if I would take part – I was sure she must have gotten me confused with someone else!

Joanna makes the most beautiful accessories, many featuring hand embroidery so once you’re finished reading my interview take a look around Adventures and Tea Parties – she’s super talented! And she has a great series of posts about starting an online shop.

You can read my Blog Gem interview here. Do let me know what you think.

See ya!


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