The Candyfloss Blanket

I’ve finally gotten around to taking some photos of this blanket. (Do I start all of my blog posts with that sentence?)

Candyfloss Blanket Heart

I made it for some friends who had a baby around Christmas time – a little girl.

I’ve had some blue and pink Cotton On yarn by James C. Brett hanging around in my stash for ages. I ordered it on a whim from Lemonade Yarns (who has 25% off Cotton yarns at the moment) and I’ve been wanting to make something special with it – this seemed like the perfect thing. The White yarn is Patons Smoothie – very similar in texture but more splitty. Having said that, I do love Patons Smoothie – it’s what I use to make my cushions.

Candyfloss Blanket Stripes

I’ve called the blanket Candyfloss because that’s what the colours remind me of.

Candyfloss Blanket Edge

The blanket is made using Front Post Treble Crochet and Back Post Treble Crochet (UK Terms). I use half treble versions to edge my bobble hats but had never thought to use them in a blanket before. Then I saw this basketweave blanket from Keeping It Stepford on Pinterest and felt inspired!

So, I worked 2 rows of each colour alternating two Front Post stitches with two Back Post stitches and then switched so that I was working two Back Post stitches and then two Front Post stitches. See below for a guide. On the rows where I joined the colours, instead of working around the posts of the previous row’s stitches, I worked through the posts so that the join wouldn’t be visible on the other side. Let me know if you’d be interested in a tutorial.

Candyfloss Blanket Guide

Because of the way I’ve worked the colours, this blanket doesn’t really have the basketweave look – but I do think the end result is pretty awesome.

Candyfloss Blanket Folds

It’s not very big, definitely a pram blanket. And because of the texture of the yarn – I’m not sure of the best way to describe it other than squidgy – the blanket is quite thick and would work very well as a mat, or a rug. It just feels lovely.

Candyfloss Blanket Full

I’ll definitely use the Cotton On again. It was lovely to work with and I really like the texture and feel of it. Does anyone else use this yarn on a regular basis? What have you made with it?


3 thoughts on “The Candyfloss Blanket

  1. Sara Jenkins says:

    I made a blanket last year using Cotton On. I really liked it, although the blanket has grown a bit with use!
    Love the basket weave stitch you’ve used here. 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    What a gorgeous blanket. Love the pattern – such a great use of back and front post stitches. Really unusual! The colours are gorgeous too x

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