DIY Word Art – Quotes To Live By #1

I love colouring in! In January I treated myself to a mega pack of Sharpies with my Christmas money. I’ve also got a new Arc Notebook that I’m using as a diary/planner/notebook and I love spending the odd half hour or so doodling and colouring in – a great way to switch off if you need to. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that one of the things that I’ve been colouring a lot of recently is quotes, so I thought I’d share with a little Word Art DIY.

And I’m also thinking of starting a series called “Quotes To Live By” here on the blog, which is why I’ve called this post #1. That doesn’t mean I’ll actually do what I’ve said but the intention is there!

So, this first quote to live by is something the lovely Claire of Claireabellemakes said to me on Twitter a couple of weeks ago. She was very complementary and encouraging about a jumper that I’ve designed and during our Twitter chat she said “Chase the big dreams. Be brave”. That’s really stuck with me – great advice – and it is obviously calling out for a Word Art DIY.

First things first, I use the font packs in the A Beautiful Mess App on my IPad to create the image I want to colour in. I change to font colours to grey and adjust the opacity so that they are just visible when I print it out.

DIY Word Art - template

I then insert the image into a new document using the Pages word processor app on my IPad. I adjust the image to the size that I want it to print out to and then print it on to card.

Then I get colouring with my Sharpies and fine point pens – Simple!

DIY Word Art - colour

I decided to frame this particular quote, so dug out this frame that Missy used to have in her bedroom when she was little – pre My Chemical Romance and Fallout Boy days!

DIY Word Art Frame Makeover

I seem to inadvertently begun a gold/bronze accessories theme in our lounge with some photo frames and prints that we have collected over the years so dug out my Bronze Sharpie and simply coloured in the pink frame – a sensible person would have used bronze spray paint but I’m impatient and wanted it down right then and there!

DIY Word Art - framed

Doesn’t look too bad on my lovely new picture shelves. What do you think?

What quotes do you live by?


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