Simple Crochet V-Stitch Jumper Pattern

Hooray! At last I’ve committed to something I said on my blog and have written up the pattern for my Simple Crochet V-Stitch Jumper. I’ve even drawn up a chart – oooo, get me!

Personally, I find charts really helpful to back up a written pattern, as its easy to lose track when faced with lots of writing and abbreviations. Having said that, the pattern has lots of writing and abbreviations because I’m not really sure of a better way of doing it.

The chart isn’t perfect by any means, but hopefully it’s not too confusing. I’ve colour coded the chart and the pattern to show the order to work in. So, you start at the bottom in the blue section, then move on to the red, the purple, the orange and then the green.

Exact tension isn’t important as long as it’s consistent throughout. There’s no size measurements. Use the pattern as a guide to make the jumper as wide and as long as you like. For reference though, I’m a size 8-10 on top and I made my green jumper with DK yarn, a 5mm hook and a fairly tight tension. I used a starting chain of 59 and the main body has 25 V-Stitch Rows. See awkward photo below for an idea of what it looks like on.

PatternPiper V-Stitch Jumper - Green

The Yellow Ombre Jumper was made with the same DK yarn, a 6.5mm hook and a looser tension. The main body has 35 V-Stitch Rows – 18 Bright Yellow, 12 Light Yellow and 5 Cream.

PatternPiper Yellow Ombre Crochet Jumper - Full Length

Now, what else do I need to tell you? Oh yeah – the pattern is in UK terms and if you share or sell anything you make from the pattern please be sure to credit me as the designer and link to this post. I think that’s about it.

So, here it is in all its amateur glory and in PDF format.

Simple V-Stitch Jumper by Sam Piper

Give me a shout if you get stuck or it doesn’t make sense.
And definitely let me know if you make a jumper from it.

Ta Muchly x


12 thoughts on “Simple Crochet V-Stitch Jumper Pattern

    • PatternPiper says:

      Hi Jenny – thanks for your lovely comment. I hope the pattern is up to scratch. I do worry that my scribbles only make sense to me 😊

      Have you gotten around to making a granny square jacket like the ones you blogged about? I’d love to make one of those too.

    • PatternPiper says:

      I’m sorry, I know longer have the jumpers I made with this pattern, so can’t give measurements but I’ll bear that in mind for future projects. Not being a professional designer I tend to just wing it but like to share my makes – sorry 😊

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