Corner to Corner Crochet Top

So, like I said previously, I’m becoming a little addicted to making Crochet tops. Particularly, super easy, quick to make ones.

I don’t claim to be any sort of designer, but I really appreciate a pattern that allows me to make something simple, quickly (I get disheartened if it takes too long) and enables me to say “thanks, I made it myself” if complimented on it.

For this top I used Corner to Corner crochet. The yarn is 4ply Excelana from John Arbon Textiles. I didn’t realise the mill was based so close to where I live (about 15 minutes away) and when they had an open day a few months ago I bagged myself a few bargains.

As with the Crochet Mesh Top, this top is simply made of two rectangles stitched together at the shoulders and sides to make a top. I didn’t stich the side seams all the way to the bottom of the top just to add a little extra detail.

PatternPiper Corner to Corner Top (1)

Rather than trying to crochet in shaping detail around the neckline, I shaped the top during blocking and I think it turned out ok.

PatternPiper Corner to Corner Top BlockingThe overall pattern definitely needs a bit of work, but I’m really pleased with how this turned out and I’ll definitely be making more.

PatternPiper Corner to Corner Top (2)


9 thoughts on “Corner to Corner Crochet Top

    • PatternPiper says:

      Thanks Jenny, I’m glad you like these latest makes. I’m all for taking the easy option when it comes to shaping garments – not sure whether it’s down to impatience or laziness 😀

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