Rainbow Ripples Crochet Blanket

Happy New Year! It’s been a while so I hope you’re all well. The last couple of months of 2015 were very busy in the PatternPiper House so although there was plenty of crochet happening. There wasn’t much opportunity to actually sit down and share it with you. But hey, I’m here now and really wanted to show you this awesome blanket!

PatternPiper Rainbow Star Blanket

I know I made it, but isn’t it fab! The colours and the way they work together are just gorgeous. Now, I hope you don’t think I’m gloating because I’m not. The colours and the pattern are most certainly not down to me.


A friend sent me a picture that she’d found on the internet a few weeks back asking if I could make her daughter a blanket to match. Originally I thought it might be a Lucy blanket but I searched Attic24 and wasn’t able to find a match.


I traced the original picture back to this post at Fresh Stitches and then from there to this project by HillyT on Ravelry. HillyT definitely deserves credit for the design and colour scheme of this beautiful blanket and I’ve emailed her to say thank you.


I did use a different pattern though for my blanket. I used the Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young. It’s a great, well written, easy to follow pattern.


I actually felt a bit torn handing this blanket over because I enjoyed making it soooooo much. But I know it has gone to a great home and will be treasured for a long time to come – so I’m ok with that.

And I may have started another one already!
Have you ever made a crochet blanket that you’ve ever just fallen in love with?

See you soon x


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