The Loveliness List

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You may have noticed I like the word LOVELY. It’s my most commonly used adjective. It may not be very inventive or creative but it’s a word I like to use because I think it is, well… lovely.

So, why’s she blabbering on about the word lovely I hear you ask? Well, I’ve been making lots of (ahem) lovely crochet makes recently and I thought I’d share them with you, in the form of a list and where possible I’ll include a link to the pattern I’ve used or the inspiration behind the make. Hopefully, I’ll share such a list with you on a regular basis. It probably won’t always be a list of things I’ve made. Sometimes it’ll include things I have just thought are lovely and should be shared with you guys. Henceforth, such list will be known as The Loveliness List.

What do you think? Good Idea?

Feel free to send me ideas that you think should be included in future Loveliness Lists.

So, here’s The Loveliness List No. 1

  1. Crochet Viking Hat & Beard
    This was an order for a Christmas gift for a friend’s son. Super cute don’t you think?
    The pattern for the hat is by Mamachee and is available to buy here on Etsy.
    The pattern for the bobble beard is a free pattern, available here.
    PatternPiper Crochet Viking Hat and Beard
  2. Crochet Houndstooth Scarf
    I made this for my sister-in-law for Christmas. My first time working with the houndstooth pattern, and I loved the effect it made. Great colour choices too don’t you think? The pattern is by Helda Panagary and was in Inside Crochet issue 62PatternPiper Houndstooth Scarf
  3. Crochet Bipeds
    How cute are these guys? I made one for my best friend’s new baby and one for my niece for Christmas. The free pattern for the bunny is by Lanukas and she has lots of other cute makes on her website too.PatternPiper Crochet Bipeds
  4. Crochet Giraffe Snuggle Square
    I was given the Edward’s Menagerie crochet amigurumi book for Christmas by my brother and his family. I love amigurumi but find it a little tricky – the faces never look quite right and I always over or under stuff. When my sister asked me to make a little gift for a friend’s new baby I thought I’d combine something from outside of my comfort zone (amigurumi) with something well within my comfort zone (granny squares). This little guy was the result. The book, packed full of beautiful crochet animals each with their own character profile, is written by Kerry Lord and is available from the Toft Shop.PatternPiper Crochet Giraffe Snuggle Square

So, here ends The Loveliness List No. 1. I hope you’ve enjoyed it!

See ya soon x






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