Crochet Hearts – a free tutorial

So, I made a video tutorial – eek!

It’s a video tutorial of the crochet heart that I designed a couple of years ago. You can find the photo tutorial here.

Now, I have to make a huge disclaimer here – the video is a bit rubbish. It literally took me all weekend to make this video. I couldn’t find anywhere quiet to film it. I had to send Missy and her friend to the shop as they were too noisy in the house. Then The Mr and Matey came home early from football training so I had to send them out again too. They went out the front of the house to play football which was great, except our dog, Milo, was upset that they were out playing without him and he proceeded to whinge and whine the whole time they were out there. So then I had to film the whole thing again. Argh!!!!!!

AND, do you know how long it takes to upload a video to YouTube? FOREVER, that’s how long.

So, the lighting is bad. The filming is a bit shonky and my voice sounds a bit weird to me. The video is by no means perfect BUT if you spend too much time trying to make things perfect you might never achieve anything! You’ve got to start somewhere, right? So, I’m starting here.

Here’s the tutorial on YouTube

The hearts are perfect for garlands, brooches and gift tags. The tutorial is in UK terminology and I’ve tried to refer to the US terminology throughout. I talk through each stitch as I go so the video should be suitable for beginners.


Take a look and let me know what you think. And if you’re on Instagram or Twitter tag me with @patternpiper to share your crochet hearts. You can also find me on Facebook as PatternPiper Crochet.

Happy Stitching.


2 thoughts on “Crochet Hearts – a free tutorial

    • PatternPiper says:

      I agree Kathleen, it’s lovely. It’s a blanket that my Nanny knitted for me when I was pregnant with my son – 12 years ago! Unfortunately, I don’t have the pattern. I was always too worried to use it when he was little as I didn’t want to ruin it. But I use it a lot now for photos. I’m sorry, I can’t help with the pattern.

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