A Granny Square Blanket With A Twist – a free pattern

You can tell it’s the school holidays. Two blogposts in a week (both patterns might I add). That must be some kind of record for me.

I’ve been busy busy putting together instructions on how I made the Granny Square Blanket with a Twist. The instructions, which you can download in PDF format at the end of this post, include details of the yarn and hook size that I used, the numbers of granny squares and triangles that you need, how to position them and details of the very simple border that I added.

PatternPiper's Granny Square Blanket with a Twist Collage

Also included are instructions and charts for making the Granny Squares, Half Granny Squares and Quarter Granny Squares.

I have put a little note in the instructions to say that of course I am not claiming to have created the pattern for the Granny Square. The instructions and charts that I have included simply show how I make them and my method has adapted over the years from tutorials and blogs that I have read. You’ve probably seen that I have my own Granny Square Tutorial here on the blog, but I’m going to point you in the direction of the Granny Square Tutorial by Heather of The Patchwork Heart. I’ve been using the advice in this tutorial for the last year now and my squares are definitely neater as a result.

There is also a little section on joining the squares and triangles together and at the bottom of this tutorial by Lucy of Attic 24 there is a very helpful section on joining squares. Her tutorial is for joining solid granny squares but the joining method is still the same.

As with everything I’ve posted so far, these instructions haven’t been tested by anyone other than me so if you see a glaring error do let me know and if you do make a Granny Square Blanket with a Twist be sure to share it with me here or an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Download the PDF here:

¬†PatternPiper’s Granny Square Blanket with a Twist






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