The Groovyghan – a blanket for me!

Hi, remember me? My name’s Sam and I like to crochet. I thought I would reintroduce myself as it’s been quite a while since I last blogged. Life – namely working, being mum to teenagers, wife to a football coach and being membership secretary of the football club – has seriously gotten in the way of my creative time and crochet has taken a very firm backseat! 

But there has been some time – the odd half an hour or so here and there and I’ve made a few lovely baby blankets over recent months.

A personalised blanket for Edith, a star blanket for Josh and colourful stripes for Martha, among others.

Over the Christmas break I decided it was about time to make a blanket for our house. I’ve said it before – I’ve made tonnes of blankets for other people but never one for myself. I’ve got a stash of yarn left over from previous projects just sitting there waiting to be used. So I dug it out and decided I’d make a granny square blanket.

But, there were ends to weave in. And I suddenly remembered that I HATE weaving in ends! This wasn’t going to work. I’d get fed up of it and would never finish it.

And then I remembered the Groovyghan. I remembered straight away where I’d seen it. On the website of Wink – A Creative Being so I headed straight over, read through the tutorial and started straight away on the groovyghan – a blanket for me!

It’s such a simple pattern (double crochet all the way), but adding the front loop treble crochet in every 11th stitch creates a fantastic effect – and is also handy as a marker for keeping count of your stitches. I’m also weaving in as I go so that when the main body of the blanket is finished all I have to do is add a border and not worry about those pesky ends!

PatternPiper Groovyghan

I did have dreams of whipping up the groovyghan over the Christmas break, but then I decided to make it big enough for our king size bed – so that was never going to happen, was it!

It feels like it is taking forever to make it. I got a little disheartened the other night thinking I’d never get it finished and maybe I’d use it as a scarf instead!

PatternPiper Groovyghan Scarf

But it’s not really taking that long.  I just haven’t had much time to work on it, and the sheer size of it does mean that each row takes quite a while.

When you’re working on it, and the rows take so long to finish, it feels like it isn’t actually growing. Taking progress shots is definitely helping to keep me motivated. With it laid out on the bed I can really see that I am getting somewhere.

So, even though I’m getting there slowly, I am loving working on the groovyghan and it is lovely to be making a blanket for me!

Have you ever made a groovyghan?


4 thoughts on “The Groovyghan – a blanket for me!

  1. Susan White says:

    That’s fab! I just finished a king size blanket for us in giant granny squares and almost lost the will to live, so I think this is a great idea. Good luck with getting it finished x

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