Popcorn Stitch Crochet Heart Tutorial

I’m not really a lovey dovey, cutesy kind of person but I do seem to be drawn to crochet hearts so I’ve had a go at coming up with another crochet heart pattern. I hope you like – let me know what you think. Here goes…. Popcorn_Heart01 Carry on reading…

Adventures and Tea Parties Blog Gem Interview

So, I mentioned right at the bottom of my last post that I had something exciting happening this week. I hope you find it exciting, I find it very exciting, you might not though. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting if not exciting. We will just have to get on with it and see.

I’ve been interviewed by Joanna of Adventures and Tea Parties as part of her Blog Gem series!!!

Adventures and Tea parties

Carry on reading…

Happy New Year!

A very quick post to say HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for visiting and reading my blog in 2014.

It’s very lovely to know that there are people all over the world that like and are interested in my crochet makes. I feel extremely lucky and privileged that you take time to read my little patch of the blogging world – thanks!

Here are some of my recent projects that I hope to share in the New Year x


Home Sweet Home Bunting Cushion

I’ve just realised I haven’t shown you this make from a couple of months ago. A request from my sister as a house warming gift to her buddy.

The telephone conversation went a little something like this….

“Can you make a cushion for Laura’s new house?”

“Sure, what do you want on it?”

“I don’t mind what you do.”

“Really? No ideas?”

“Nope, Do whatever you like.”


“Yep, it’s up to you.”

“Ok, I’ll have a think.”

“Great, I’ll leave it with you. Just make sure it has bunting and says Home Sweet Home on it. And purple would be good!”

” Alrighty then!”

So here’s how I made the Home Sweet Home Bunting Cushion… Carry on reading…

Super Chunky Granny Square Cowl

I picked up a ball of Stylecraft Nordic Super Chunky yarn in a local shop a few weeks ago with no idea of what I was going to make with it. It was definitely an impulse buy and when I got home I thought to myself that I’d probably been a bit silly just buying one ball – what can you make with just one ball of super chunky yarn?

Well, it turns out you can make a nice little cowl.


Picture taken by Matey – he made me giggle!

Carry on reading…