Crafting a Daydream with Mrs Crafty B

Missy and I will be taking a blogging excursion at the end of the month.

We’re popping over to Mrs Crafty B’s as part of her September Takeover whilst she takes some time to get to know her new arrival.

It’s a special post too as it’s all about one of Missy’s crafty makes and she took all of the photos herself.

There are lots of other bloggers taking part and Missy and I are very excited to have been included.

I’ll let you know when we’re on, but in the meantime use the button below to pop over and see who is taking over today!

Crafting a Daydream

A weekend away….well, 36 hours!

Last weekend we visited my sister and her husband in Middlesbrough. We drove…it took forever! Well, 8 and a half hours actually but it seemed like forever…plenty of time to work on cushion orders from my Facebook page…yay!

On the Saturday we spent the day at Lightwater Valley which was a great day out. Everyone found it very amusing that I screamed (a lot) on the rides that we went on, even though they weren’t remotely scary!

In the evening, keeping with PatternPiper family tradition, the kids (and that includes my sister and her husband) made pizzas…they were delicious.

Matey's Pizza

Matey’s Pizza

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Foody Habits…Family Traditions

This first post isn’t very crafty and has nothing to do with crochet, but I thought it would be a nice way to let you know a bit more about me and my family.

To say that we’re a busy family would be an understatement. There is always some kind of sports event (netball for Missy, football for Matey), club (Guides and Cubs) or social event (birthday parties, sleepovers) that the kids are involved in. Occasionally The Mr and I get to go out too! Week nights and weekend mornings are pretty frantic in the PatternPiper household.

Just a snippet of the kid's calendar! Can you find Wally?

Just a snippet of the kid’s calendar! Can you find Wally?

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