Ginkgo Crochet Top

As part of the Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day challenge that I’ve been taking part in I made myself a top. The first item of clothing I’ve made and not felt embarrassed to wear and say “I made that!”. I did make a dress once at school – it wasn’t very good. Maybe that’s why I got a D in GCSE Design and Technology!

Ginkgo Crochet Top
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Creatives Unite Non Uniform Day

If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you’ll have probably noticed me posting with the hashtag #creativesunitenonuniformday almost everyday since the beginning of May. And you maybe wondering what on earth I’m rabbiting on about. You might already know. You might even be taking part.

Creatives Unite is a group of crafty people who ‘get together’ on Twitter every Thursday evening between 8 & 10pm to share what we are working on, share tips and encouragement and to generally have a good old natter. Search us out with the hashtag – #creativesunite or visit Miss Beatrix for more information.

During one of our natters a couple of weeks Carry on reading…