Crochet Edged Notebook

Every year I struggle to come up with an original gift for the kid’s teachers at the end of the Summer Term (and Christmas to think of it). Over the years we’ve given chocolates, homemade bookmarks, chocolates, mugs with cozies, chocolates….hmmm, I see a theme here!

This year I wanted to do something different and a bit more personal, particularly as Missy’s teacher isn’t returning to the school after the summer holiday. And obviously, it’d be nice if I could incorporate some crochet in to the gifts as well.

I remembered seeing photos in one of my Simply Crochet magazines of crochet edged notebooks and thought that would make the perfect gift. The photos were in Issue Six and pointed to a fantastic tutorial on the Ruby Murrays Musings blog. Once I’d found the tutorial it took me a while to get started – there are too many lovely things to look at on Ruby Murrays Musings and I was totally distracted, pop over and have a look!

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